I started looking at the problem of litter to raise awareness because it was all around me. I made a commitment to do something about it and start y picking up the trash around me. Suddenly people began stopping me, many just to say thank you, but handed me a couple of dollars or asked where they could donate.

As we're getting the ball rolling we have no ambitions for pushy donor campaigns. However we would certainly appreciate some grassroots support to build a proper foundation. We offer the tip jar as an opportunity to show your support and appreciation. Donations received will be used to help facilitate our mission of attacking the litter problem piece-by-piece!


Where would we use it?

  • AWAYPROJECT.org: Currently I've set aside a portion of my GrandLancaster.com blog to host the information about the Away Project. This will work for now, but as we find our footing we will want to move the Away Project to it's own domain.

  • Organizing Group Activities: Group cleanups require resources from everyone. We would love to raise some funds in order to help facilitate these events with the least amount of financial burden on the volunteers. We intend to organize some river cleanups as well, which require an entirely different set of resources. Some of the illegal dumps I've discovered also present a problem due to their scale. Finally, once we collect and sort this litter we then need someplace to put it. The more we raise, the more we'll be able to do about this problem!

  • Outreach/Awareness: Now that we've established a temporary home for the project we're going to be doing a lot of outreach. While we encourage and appreciate everyone's support sharing and liking on social media, spending money on advertising will dramatically improve the reach of our message. 

  • Tools: We would like to maintain a collection of tools to be used during our group cleanup events. Eventually we would also like to provide tools for some of our most passionate volunteers. For instance, when a new litter crew begins organizing events in their area. Buckets, Trash Cans, Gloves, Rakes, Brooms, and Grabbers are all expenses.

  • Cleanup Crew Signage: We're working on some ideas for signage to alert people when a cleanup is in progress. You may have seen PennDOT's orange "Litter Crew" signs. Kinda like that, but ours will be made with reclaimed materials and a little more quirky, errrr ... I mean memorable. 

  • Personal Expenses: reviewing my personal expenses after a month of picking up litter shows that they are growing. That's not even considering the manpower hours of research, investigating sites, corresponding with organizations, and the travel expenses that have been quietly accumulating for months. I don't mind being burdened with something I'm passionate about, but it is a burden nonetheless. It's quickly becoming a full-time job. You support will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your support!!