In 2014, I developed a fascination with 360 Panoramic Photography. It was a new and exciting technology at the time. Which meant that it was pretty confusing, but my mind was swimming with ideas on how to use it. So when I discovered Google's "Street View: Trusted" program I signed up immediately.

Since becoming Street View Trusted I've added Street Views to Google Maps from all around my native Lancaster County, way down to North Carolina, and every state in between. As I've watched millions of views roll in it has been an absolute joy knowing that I'm helping connect people with the places they're looking for. 

Get on the map

  • Google Maps is no longer just a map. It's a massive search engine dedicated to providing users with information about real world locations, like YOUR business!.

  • It's very likely your business already has a listing on Google Maps, which means every day you and your competitors are appearing side by side in search results.

  • Without traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods available, a Maps user forms their impression of your business through accuracy of the information, the imagery on your business's profile, and the customer reviews.

It's safe to say that Google has redefined what exactly a map can be. A map is no longer just a two dimensional piece of paper marking roads and mountains. Every day millions of users pull out their phones or sit at their computers using Google Maps not only for navigation, but to find and contextualize their destinations.

Looking inside with Street View

Your business on Google

I would say Google Maps is the most powerful FREE marketing tool for businesses since the invention of email. As an added bonus for most businesses, it requires the least amount of investment and maintenance in the long run. There are a number of reasons why this isn't more well known, but I would like to share with you my observations as a contributor to Google Maps:

The current average cost per impression on social media is around $0.02 during a one-day promotion.

The cost per impression for my Street View clients after 1-year averages around $0.000034, AND that number continues to drop for the lifetime of the image.
— @sethdochter

great for businesses

  • It's likely that you AND your competitors already have a business listing on Google Maps. That means every day you're competing, even if you're not showing up to play!

  • Google provides the opportunity for business owners to claim their business free of charge and control changes to your listing's information such as hours of operation, website address, phone number, etc.

  • Business owners can easily add their own photos and videos to show their business in it's best light for free

Better Images

  • Images are an important part of making an impression online. Better Images can instantly and easily improve the impression you're leaving on potential customers.

  • Google Maps doesn't rely on up-charges for "more features" like many sites. However, Google knows the importance of better imagery and helps businesses find local Trusted photographers who can help improve their visual presence on Google Maps.

  • With my years of experience as a professional travel and Street View Trusted photographer, my focus is providing small business with high quality images that have a unique perspective to draw in your potential customers.

  • That imagery then lives on perpetually, continually drawing in new customers without the need to constantly post new content.

  • I pride myself on making these services available at an affordable price so that together we can help your customers find your business, big or small, for a modest one time investment.

Maps Vs. Social Media

Maps and Social Media aren't really in competition, but I think Social Media gets a lot more attention among marketing and sales gurus. Maps is actually related to search, whereas Social Media is all about sharing and virality. When someone wants to buy a product or service (like speciality ingredients, plumbing supplies, used sporting goods, or to find a new dentist) they're likely not going to browse social media, they're going to search. There are always customers nearby and Google Maps puts them through your doors. If you're using social media, but you're still not sure whether to request a quote to capture your business, consider this ...  

  • Unlike the marathon of social media, your maps listing doesn't require you to continually create new posts. On a social media profile you're required to constantly create information to send out and feed their users, whereas a maps listing is passively waiting to pull customers in who are looking for you.

  • When you hire a Street View Trusted photographer, like myself, that initial one-time investment gets perpetually smaller. The current average cost per impression on social media is $0.02 during a one-day promotion. The average cost per impression for my Street View clients after 1 year averages around $0.00034, and that number continues to drop for the lifetime of the image (and aside from major remodeling most street views stand the test of time).

  • An impression on Google Maps is worth a bit more than on social media in my opinion. When someone pulls up your image, you know they are looking for your business or at least a business like yours. Whether they found your listing on a Google Search or in the Maps app, you know they ran a search that matched your business AND they took the extra step to take a look at your imagery. When a social media user scrolls past your post in their feed, they may or may not be interested in, and it's still $0.02 either way.

Trekker - Selfie at Money Rocks (p).jpg

The best part ...

Capturing local businesses has enabled me to capture and share so many wonderful places that are often overlooked. There is often little to no funding to properly promote the outdoor activities and natural sights in our area. It has been my greatest pleasure to add so many wonderful places to Google Maps, as it has always been my desire to help others discover new and interesting places.

   How it works

  • Simply fill out the form below to start the process

  • We will get in touch with you to determine the size of your project and answer any questions

  • We'll pick a date and time that compliments everyone's schedules to capture the imagery

  • Depending on the size of your business we should be able to collect the imagery in 1-2 hours

  • When we arrive to collect the imagery we will discuss the path we will take as well as any areas to avoid

  • We will use our custom 360 camera rig to capture the imagery in our highest possible quality

  • After the scheduled shoot we will upload and submit the imagery within 3-5 days

  • After submission we will alert you when the imagery has been approved and published

related services

  • Assistance claiming ownership of your business listing on Google Maps to make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date

  • Standard photography services to showcase your business (discounted rate with purchase of a Streetview)

  • Individual custom panoramic images for use on Facebook and Twitter (discounted rate with purchase of a Streetview)

  • Custom 360 tours. Have an idea for something wild and interesting? Share it with us using the form below and we'll let you know what we think.

Images captured for Vinola's Restaurant in Leola, Pa.

Images captured for Vinola's Restaurant in Leola, Pa.

Turn up the VR VOLUME!!

  • Our experience and creative storytelling allows us to convert your 360 photos into 360 videos! Take your initial investment and turn up the volume!! This could be used to showcase your new Street View, or for future promotion down the road. Adding music, narration, and/or custom text opens up greater possibilities to tell your brand's story. This is the most cost effective way to create a more immersive experience with your Facebook Fans and/or for Promoted Posts. It also opens up the ability to share on YouTube and other VR specific platforms such as the new Facebook 360.

  • Flattened 360 videos are another great way to showcase your business. VR and 360 are on the rise, but we are creatures of habit and most mainstream video viewers are more comfortable watching flat videos. Using the process above we create a 360 video with added narrative, music, text, etc. Then we edit the video to adjust the perspective and guide the viewer through the experience as a flattened 2d video. This is another great way to extend the value of your 360 images and also allows for sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and more!


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