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Lancaster Archery Academy

Lancaster Archery Academy

Last week we stopped by Lancaster Archery Academy so my daughter Zoe could take their "Discover Archery" class. This little lady has been talking about shooting a real bow and arrow for as long as I can remember. I suspect the Disney movie "Brave" largely played a roll in this obsession.

Well, last Christmas my parents got her a gift card so she could try it out and see if she would enjoy it. She did, immensely! Our next trip will probably include a stop upstairs in the pro shop to buy her first bow. Check out these clips from her class below...


A bit about Lancaster Archery Supply

I first discovered Lancaster Archery Academy a few years ago while capturing the shop's official Google Street View. I had driven by the place for years, but had never stopped in to see what it was all about. The shop and Academy are located on the Old Philadelphia Pike just a mile east of Route 30 behind King's Kreamery (a nice spot for Ice Cream after the range, just sayin). When I finally stepped into the building it was amazing.

Lancaster Archery Academy is located on the first floor, while the Pro Shop is located on the second floor (both are handi-accessible). The large range and seating allow the academy to host a variety of large groups and events throughout the year. There's even a separate building with a second range for the really big crowds. A few other interesting activities of note include their TECHNOhunt video archery range and their Tag Archery parties.

Meanwhile, the friendly staff in the pro shop upstairs have a little bit of everything you might possibly need for archery, as well as a service desk to maintain and/or repair your equipment.  While they are a local company, thanks in part to online sales, they have become a well-recognized face in the archery industry nationwide. 


Classes at the Academy

The Discover Archery class was a great introduction to the sport. Before the class Zoe had never held a bow before. The instructors were very helpful, friendly, and patient. There were two other children in the class that were a little bit younger than her and everyone seemed to be learning and enjoying themselves. 

They began the class with a simple introduction to range safety. Then they introduced them to their bows and the fundamentals on how to shoot. For a first timer I thought she did pretty well, only one of the arrows didn't stick in the target and none of them missed completely. Later in the class they gave a few more pointers on aiming and switched from classic targets to balloons to make it a bit more challenging ... and ultimately more fun.

Discover Archery is just the first step. The Academy offers a variety of other classes from beginner level all the way up to competitive coaching. Now that she's completed the Discover Archery class we can head back for some per hour range time. The pricing for range time and equipment rental is very affordable. We will definitely be going back!

Zoe at Lancaster Archery Academy

Ready to discover archery for yourself?

Visit Lancaster Archery Academy's website to view their available sessions, pricing, and more...

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Rooster Street Butcher

Rooster Street Butcher

The holiday season is always a busy time. Shopping, holiday activities, school plays, church events, charities, on top of our ordinarily busy lives. It can be difficult to relax and enjoy a good meal. This month’s destination has two locations right in the heart of local artisan based shopping, with a very tasty outcome.

I first discovered Rooster Street Butcher at The Shop on South Cedar Street in Lititz. While taking pictures of the beautifully decorated shops and pre-colonial homes on Main Street a friend just had to show me Rooster Street Butcher. I could already see it from Main Street and it had a very hip style to the storefront. When I walked through the door the very stylish decor continued to impress as I rounded the corner of the display case. It was then obvious I was in the presence of quality food.

Rooster Street Butcher

Just looking at the cuts on display is enough to make your pallet run away with your imagination. I had the opportunity to meet Kristina Page while her husband and co-founder Tony was busily preparing an order in the cutting room. Kristina was very pleasant and invited me to come back sometime and give some of their sandwiches a try in the BYOB Dining area. We returned the following week and made it our first stop before heading down Main Street for some Christmas shopping.

Lititz Springs Park beautifully decorated for Christmas.

The menu is lean but hearty. The focus was fresh, with their made-to-order coleslaw and house-made pickles, to the fresh cuts of meat on their hot and cold sandwiches. We went with a soup and sandwich combination that was quite possibly one of the most delicious meals I've ever had. It’s evident that the Page's begun their mission of quality at the base level ... with their ingredients.

The cornerstone of Rooster Street Butcher would almost certainly have to be their ingredients. The Page’s have made clear since 2012 that their mission is to remind people that “healthy meat and simple ingredients can be transcendent, found locally, and are worth sharing with others”. They source their meat from local farmers who don’t use hormones or added antibiotics while maintaining a very high touch approach to raising their livestock in the pasture. Once the meat reaches their shop they use a head-to-toe approach to maximize the yield of the animal and reduce waste. The Page’s and their staff clearly take great care in their craft, and they are very helpful and open about how to turn your cut into a masterpiece meal.

Rooster Street Butcher’s second location can be found in Lancaster Central Market on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The central market location doesn’t offer their menu items, but they still offer the same fine cuts of quality meats.

Check out the Rooster Street Butcher Deli Counter at Lancaster Central Market.

Check out the Rooster Street Butcher Deli Counter at Lancaster Central Market.

While supporting the locally owned stores in downtown Lancaster and Lititz this holiday season. Be sure to stop by Rooster Street Butcher and grab a bite, or take home a cut to create a holiday masterpiece of your own. Rooster Street Butcher also offers gift cards for a locally focused gift with a flavor your friends and family will definitely appreciate after the holiday mania calms down.


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