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Inaugural Fireworks Lewes Beach Delaware 2018

Inaugural Fireworks Lewes Beach Delaware 2018

Going to see fireworks and going to the beach are two of our favorite summertime activities. This year we celebrated Independence Day by doing both.

I heard the news that Lewes Beach in Delaware would be hosting their Inaugural Fireworks event. From what I read online there was a lot of excitement about bringing a new tradition to one of our favorite beaches. Not only is Lewes a fun area to explore, but we like Lewes Beach for the kids due to the calmer waters. This definitely topped our list of Fireworks displays for the fourth of July.

If you've never been, Lewes Beach is located at the southern end of the Delaware Bay, with the Cape Henlopen Peninsula curving northward between the bay and the Atlantic. I like waves a lot, but I've been known to enter "unsafe" waters. These days I have to think about the kids' safety so places like Lewes Beach are generally much more attractive to us. 

We’ve been to Lewes as a family before, and we've been wanting to explore the Cape Henlopen State Park for a while. Looking at the map it seemed like the area might provide a great view of the fireworks as well as a quiet spot on the bayside where we could let the kids roam a little. We were not disappointed!

View of the Delaware Bay off Cape Henlopen

We checked the view on the bayside and it was excellent, so we took an opportunity before the fireworks to walk over and dip our toes in the Atlantic. Since it was only a short walk to the Ocean side we left most of our stuff in the car and didn't stay long before heading back to the bayside.

There was plenty to keep us entertained on the bayside. This area was filled with sea creatures including small fish seen breaching the surface, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, and other yet-to-be-identified creatures. The northernmost tip of Cape Henlopen is off limits as it’s a bird nesting sanctuary, but I was fortunate enough to see some deer grazing the dunes from the overlook next to the parking lot. We love beaches with plenty of wildlife, so this is definitely a park we’ll be getting back to in the future. There are also some observation towers and a disc golf course we want to checkout next time.

The bayside offered calm shallow waters as the tide went out.

The bayside offered calm shallow waters as the tide went out.

With a cloud front over the western sky we didn’t get a very good sunset, although I’m certain this park has plenty of those. Dusk began it's lengthy approach as the skies turned darker and darker shades of blue. The crowd slowly began making their way over from the Ocean and other parts of the park. Brightly colored folding chairs and blankets soon dotted the beach. As everyone awaited the big show many small arial fireworks could be seen for miles along the bay's shoreline. Looking around the anticipation was at it's peak.

This being the first year for the Lewes fireworks display everyone seemed kind of confused about exactly where to look. We knew the fireworks were going to be set off from a barge offshore, but we weren't sure exactly where it was positioned. Every time a small firework went into the air the kids asked "is that it?", then suddenly one shot went much MUCH higher ...

The Big Show ...

The Photos

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Little bit of lemonade ... 

I have to mention one MAJOR downside to this event. Apparently, the fireworks planning commission severely underestimated the traffic this event would cause. If you’ve never been to Lewes Beach there is a canal which essentially makes the area an island, and that forces all traffic over just two bridges. This created the worst traffic jam I’ve ever witnessed personally. The worst part was that coming from Cape Henlopen put us at the tail end of all this traffic. Once we pulled up to the traffic we were at a complete standstill for almost 2 hours (literally a few minutes short of 2 hours, no joke). We’re going to keep this in mind for next year for sure. We'd love to go back, but that traffic jam was painful when we were trying to make it back the Pennsylvania the same night. We wish we had booked a campsite well in advance, but maybe next time.

After an hour and a half of not moving everyone parked and turned off their cars, or at the very least turned off their headlights. The few remaining wisps of clouds broke up and the night sky was twinkling with stars. To make the best of a bad situation I got my camera out and snapped a few shots of the Milky Way overhead ...


The Milky Way as seen at Cape Henlopen State Park while we waited for the traffic to ease up after the fireworks


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Light City Baltimore

Light City Baltimore

It's time again for one of the coolest events I've ever attended! It's a short drive for those of us here in Lancaster County, but it's definitely worth it! I would even recommend it for folks further away than us. I'm talking about the Light City event in downtown Baltimore.

When I heard about the first event last year I instantly knew I would like it. Afterall, photography is essentially the process of capturing light. So an entire festival devoted to light is right up my alley. The festival is a full fledged takeover of downtown Baltimore. In addition to the light art installations sprinkled around the city there are a number of mini-events focused on innovation in electricity, and a fair amount of music to get the feet movin.

As the first city to embrace electric street lights Baltimore compliments the festival nicely. The inner harbor also provides a fabulous environment with the rays of light flickering off the surface. It also opens the conversation on the innovative work that is going into cleaning the harbor and the Chesapeake Bay every day.

There is so much more to say about this event, but the best source of information can be found at I would highly recommend downloading their smart phone app too. It's very helpful in navigating visitors to all of the installations, music, and other events. 


2018 Highlights


Get PUMPED for 2018!!

April 14-21, 2018

Light City Baltimore 2017

Unfortunately I only had one free night to make it down to the festival in 2017, and it was pouring down rain. I tried to make the best of it and took a few 360 photos whenever the rain slowed down for a second. Check it out ...

Topaz Glow Remix 2017

Since I only had a few photos I decided to try something a little different. I edited the photos I had using the Topaz Glow 2 Photoshop Plugin. Here's what I came up with ...


2016 Light City Mashup Video

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2016 Photo Gallery

Country Frozen

Country Frozen

Like much of the nation we are in the midst of a deep freeze here in Lancaster County. Personally, I'm more of a warm sandy beaches kind of guy, but when I asked some of my photographer friends who's ready for summer I was surprised by their answers. A surprising number of people actually said they prefer the frigid arctic vortex barreling down on us with oppressive force. I kid, to each their own.

Freezin ...

I do enjoy certain aspects of winter life. Winter does bring it's own unique beauty that you only get a short time to really appreciate. In a deep freeze like we're experiencing now we get some very unique ice features to observe. For starters, I love getting out to see some of my favorite waterfalls turn into a cascade of ice. Take a look at this picture I converted into a Plotagraph (moving image) of Millcreek Falls in York County along the Mason Dixon Trail ( i've been visiting a few nearby falls, stay tuned for more to come on that)


Country Frozen Video

Another magical thing to watch is the snow blowing across the open fields. It's kind of hard to capture in a photograph, so I captured a few video clips and put them together in the following video "Country Frozen".


Recent Photos

Below are a few photos I captured while I've been out and about. I don't randomly capture as much as I used to, but when I have my camera along and I see something unigue I like to capture a few frames.

Sunsets are hit or miss this time of year. It's good to keep an eye out the window. When the snow and the clouds work together with the Sun the colors are absolutely breathtaking. Like the wind that will be pounding you in the face.

Two young ladies enjoying a sunset stroll on horseback on Wissler Road

A Mennonite buggy makes it's way down Amishtown Road. I'm never happy to see the horses out in this type of weather. However, seeing it make it's way down the powerline free road I had to take a snap. You've probably seen my other photos along this road. It's one of my favorite places to enjoy a sunrise or sunset because it's convenient, but also because of the lack of power lines. 


Past WINTER Photos



More to see ...

Best of 2016

Best of 2016

For the past couple of days I've been working on a "Best of 2016" Collection of my photos. That was a hard dig through the trove, but I've come up with a collection I'm pretty happy with.

Since I had so many video clips from my GoPro and the new Pixpro SP360, I thought I would make a little compilation video. No words, just music, video clips, and photos. You know how I like them. It was kind of hard to fit all the ones I wanted in there (guess what? I had to cut a few I DIDN'T want to). Be sure to check it out! I hope you have as much fun watching it as I had making it.



360 Roundtop Mountain Resort

360 Roundtop Mountain Resort

Half way through December and the weather hasn't quite been ready to give us snow yet. There was a light dusting on the western edge of Lancaster County last weekend, but nothing more than a few sporadic flurries over my way. It just so happens I know where you snow lovers like myself can find some.  To find it we'll have to hit the road and venture west a little to Roundtop Mountain Resort.

I knew that SkiRoundtop was going to be opening some of the slopes this week for Skiing and Snowboarding, and then Tubing over the weekend. I had seen a few photos of them making snow earlier this week and wanted to take a peek. I really dislike cold weather, but snow is entirely different. Love snow!

To make things a little interesting I got the kids excited by telling them we were going to go find some snow. Zoe, ever vigilant, instantly KNEW that there was no snow "because it didn't snow last night, duh". However, I convinced her that maybe it had snowed somewhere else. Then she tagged a wagger onto it. The deal was that if I couldn't find snow I would have to take her and her brother directly to Chuck E Cheese's for dinner. I had already spoken to the folks at Roundtop Mountain Resort about stopping by, so game-on little lady. 

360 Video


Here are a few photos I captured while we were there. The snow crews were out in force building up the Terrain park for opening day. Outside of that it was a pretty quiet. The last quiet evening the resort will see for a while. 

If you make your way up to Roundtop Mountain Resort be sure to share your pics and videos on our Facebook Page and tag #GrandLancaster on Instagram!

The west of Roundtop Mountain Resort just after Sunset.

Snow crews working on the Terrain Park the night before opening day. 

Fife and Drum trail just behind the Roundtop map. 

The western edge of Roundtop Mountain Resort reflecting in the pond at the base of the Mountain. 

The eastern edge of Rountop Mountain Resort behind the Snow Tubing parking lot. 

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