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Rain, River, and Rainbows

Rain, River, and Rainbows

We're finally ending a really wet week with some sunshine. Tropical weather dumped rain on us earlier in the week and the waters began to rise. Sit back and join me on a little virtual road trip as I piece together clips and pics our adventures in and around Lancaster County. 

Elverson, PA

The video starts out with a time lapse of some rain at the Elverson Sunflower field. Sunflowers don't bloom for long, I went to the field early in an attempt to catch a rainbow, didn't quite work out.

East Earl, PA

I did manage to capture this rainbow on the way home along Weaverland Road in East Earl. The farm wagon produce stand at the bottom of the hill is one of my favorites!

Falmouth, Pa

The boat access at Falmouth, Pa completely under water. This section of the river was RAGING and the roar of the dam was wild.

Bainbridge, PA

Access closed to the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail in Bainbridge, Pa.

East Donegal Township, PA

I think the #awayproject is going to have to return to East Donegal Township's River Front Park. This tunnel is the only public road in or out.

Columbia, Pa

Flooding at Columbia Crossing

More flooding at Columbia Crossing

New Holland, PA

At first a lonely beam of sunlight poked through one tiny hole in the clouds.

Within a few minutes, the clouds broke apart and the sky was filled with a massive arching rainbow. Honestly, when I look at this picture I like to pretend that farm to the left is shooting the rainbow across the sky. The second arch is very faint, but it was there as well.

Rainbow farm

Jimmy's Chicken Shack 

One more because I really enjoy rainbows! 

also check out this view ...

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Rainbow Country

Rainbow Country

Though the road is rocky,
It sure feels good to me.
And if your lucky,
Together we’ll always be.
— Rainbow Country ~ Bob Marley
I love that song and it typically pops into my head when I'm out chasing Rainbows. I almost act like a little kid whenever I think there will be rainbows. I start bouncing around and looking outside, checking the weather, going outside, coming back in, it's all kind of a ridiculous spectacle.
Rainbow over New Holland 8-31-16

Rainbow over New Holland 8-31-16

I just really like the challenge of Rainbows. There are a number of elements that have to come together and no two are ever really the same. Also, because they're weather related the other elements can dramatically change the scene around the rainbow. I don't always get it right, and sometimes they never come, but if the conditions are right I definitely have an eye in towards the sky.
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