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Grand Firebirds

Grand Firebirds

Every year I take a trip to Phoenixville, Pa for the annual Phoenixville Firebird Festival. It is definitely my favorite event of the year! I started going in 2012 and just keep going through rain, snow, whatever. This year's event will be Saturday, December 8 at Veteran’s Park.

Phoenixville is a nice town to get out and explore when you want to get out of Lancaster for a bit. They have a number of small shops and eateries along Bridge Street. The downtown area has changed a LOT since I started attending the festival. Every year there seems to be new shopping and dining options available.

This festival is a great time to get out and walk around. The foods is great and plentiful, the small shops in town provide an opportunity for finding a unique Christmas present, and the atmosphere around the phoenix is charged with excitement as they light the bird.

I was unable to attend the 2017 Firebird Festival, but below you will find collections of my imagery from 2012-2017. Let’s kick things off with a sneak peek of the 2018 firebird …

2018 Sneak Peek

Grand Firebirds Video 2012-2017

Phoenixville Photo Gallery

Going to the Firebird Festival?

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A big change to note this year is that the Firebird has been moved, yet again, to a new location that’s better equipped to deal with the size of the crowd. This year the firebird is located at Veteran’s Park on Mowere Street. Be sure to checkout the website for information on shuttle bus. Based on experience the shuttles are mighty convenient.

Another worthy adventure ...

5 Years of Firebirds

5 Years of Firebirds

Every year I take a little road trip into Chester County for my favorite festivals of the year. This will be the 13th Annual Phoenixville Firebird Festival and my fifth journey through the hills to the east. So in addition to a preview of this year's firebird I thought I would do a little recap from the last half a decade, wow! 

This year's festival will be this Saturday December 3. Come down in the afternoon and take a look around Phoenixville's downtown area. There are many shops, restaurants, and other local artists and vendors who will be happy to meet you. There will be special events and music all over the place! To kick off the lighting of the firebird a drum procession will leave the downtown area at 7:30 to walk up Bridge Street towards Friendship Field. The bird will be lit at 8:15, don't be too late!  If you don't want to walk there will be shuttles available from 6-11pm to take festival goers between downtown and friendship field. 

free festival, donations still needed!

We're only days away but the Firebird Festival still needs your help to meet and exceed their goal! Every dollar you donate goes right back into making the Firebird Festival great!! With multiple sound stages, shuttles, and a GIGANTIC FIREBIRD to pay for, your help in making this festival a success is greatly appreciated.

2016 Sneak Peek

I took a little trip down to Phoenixville last weekend to check out this year's bird. With the wrap-around wings, this thing is MASSIVE!!! Here's a 360 Pano I captured inside the wings:

5 years of firebirds

The 2016 Phoenixville Firebird at Friendship Field. This year's firebird features a massive wingspan that wraps around in front of the bird.  

After a rough couple of years the 2015 Firebird Festival was a huge success with over 20,000 people attending at Friendship Field. 

Disaster struck the 2014 Firebird Festival. In the middle of the night vandals set the original bird ablaze to the shock of the community. It was cold and raining all day as tired volunteers came together and rebuilt what was destroyed. The community really came behind this effort with donations of wood and labor. Behind the replacement bird in this image volunteers warm themselves by the fire on the site of the original bird. The original bird boasted a rotating head that would have been sure to please the crowd. News of the burnt bird combined with heavy rains hurt the attendance of the 2014 festival, as well as the spirits of some of the supporters. As with the Phoenix, they were able to rise from the ashes and move forward to make a great festival in 2015.

Snow, LOTS AND LOTS of snow for the 2013 Phoenixville Firebird Festival. Personally I enjoyed the snow, and it made the night different than other years. Be sure to watch the video below.

Steph standing in front of the 2012 Firebird in Phoenixville. This was the last year the festival was held downtown. The crowd was so big it was unbelieveable. Wile friendship field isn't as conveniently located, it offers a bit more room for everyone to move around.


Here are a couple videos from my original site I don;t get as much time to edit videos as I would like these days, but I still love watching these again. There's not much dialogue or instructions, but I think they capture the spirit of the event nicely.

2013 Phoenixville Firebird Festival

2012 Phoenixville Firebird Festival

This is a great festival and I truly look forward to it every year. As I mentioned before, the event is free but they are still looking for donations to make this event a success. Click of tap the button below to help them on their mission.