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Silent Nights

Silent Nights

A few minutes ago I looked out the window and noticed it looked a little odd out there. So I put on my big puffy coat, pulled up my hood, and stepped into the cold night air.

When I stepped out I noticed the light first, it's an odd shade of blue tonight. Thanks in part to tonight's extra bright supermoon. Then there is this low lying fog above the ground and the bite of 30 °F in the air. So the fog is forming frost across everything.

The frost on the grass crunched beneath my feet as I made my way over to the fence to look across the countryside. The lack of wind, the crispness of the air, and the soothing blue hue from the frost and fog all came together to create a very peaceful feeling.

The nights out here can get pretty dark, but tonight the rustling in the brush was just a local family of rabbits playing in the pasture. It's kind of an odd feeling to be able to observe what's normally hidden in the darkness. It reminded me of nights after a snowstorm when the refracted light from the snow lightens up the night.

It's hard to refer to this as a silent night because even at 2 am in the middle of the countryside I can hear cars and trucks zooming down the streets nearby. About a mile across the fields I can see lights heading up and down the road a couple of times a minute.

The thought occurred to me that I should get out my camera, to capture the moment and share it with all of you. Instead, I just stood there and enjoyed the moment for a few minutes. Then I took a few minutes to think about why I'm enjoying standing there in the cold at 2 am looking into basically nothing. 

One comment I've heard a lot since starting my photography is "I wish I could see these things the way you see these things". To which I want to respond "me too, and you can". 

It's always been my goal to encourage others to get out and explore, to take a deeper look at what's around, and to find the beauty in our world. I'm afraid those aren't activities that get enough priority from enough people. I understand not everyone gets to live in the country either, but It seems hard for just about anyone to slow down and enjoy the moments anymore.

I'm sure I could have snapped a beautiful photo that would have captured the essence of the mood tonight. Instead, I hope I've given a bit more of the thought process behind the scenes. I don't want to capture photos just to show off. I always hope that my images inspire folks to head out and explore, to take a moment to enjoy the sunset, to watch the moon rise and admire the beauty in its details, and maybe even observe the animals moving in the moonlit night.

Sure, these things aren't top priorities, but personally, I have gained a lot of joy from taking time out of my day to stop and enjoy them. I think the more you make a conscious effort to stop and notice the finer details, and some of the "less important things", the more it just becomes a part of your daily habits. Over time to begin to appreciate these little things more and more.