Like much of the nation we are in the midst of a deep freeze here in Lancaster County. Personally, I'm more of a warm sandy beaches kind of guy, but when I asked some of my photographer friends who's ready for summer I was surprised by their answers. A surprising number of people actually said they prefer the frigid arctic vortex barreling down on us with oppressive force. I kid, to each their own.

Freezin ...

I do enjoy certain aspects of winter life. Winter does bring it's own unique beauty that you only get a short time to really appreciate. In a deep freeze like we're experiencing now we get some very unique ice features to observe. For starters, I love getting out to see some of my favorite waterfalls turn into a cascade of ice. Take a look at this picture I converted into a Plotagraph (moving image) of Millcreek Falls in York County along the Mason Dixon Trail ( i've been visiting a few nearby falls, stay tuned for more to come on that)


Country Frozen Video

Another magical thing to watch is the snow blowing across the open fields. It's kind of hard to capture in a photograph, so I captured a few video clips and put them together in the following video "Country Frozen".


Recent Photos

Below are a few photos I captured while I've been out and about. I don't randomly capture as much as I used to, but when I have my camera along and I see something unigue I like to capture a few frames.

Sunsets are hit or miss this time of year. It's good to keep an eye out the window. When the snow and the clouds work together with the Sun the colors are absolutely breathtaking. Like the wind that will be pounding you in the face.

Two young ladies enjoying a sunset stroll on horseback on Wissler Road

A Mennonite buggy makes it's way down Amishtown Road. I'm never happy to see the horses out in this type of weather. However, seeing it make it's way down the powerline free road I had to take a snap. You've probably seen my other photos along this road. It's one of my favorite places to enjoy a sunrise or sunset because it's convenient, but also because of the lack of power lines. 


Past WINTER Photos



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