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Martic Forge Viaduct

Martic Forge Viaduct

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite sections of the Enola Low Grade Trail. The massive Martic Forge Viduct is an old railroad trestle along the trail that has been renovated to carry trailhead over Pequea Creek.  

I had previously written about the Martic Forge Viaduct in my Backyard Tourist Column in Lancaster County Magazine, but I wanted get down there while there was some fall foliage left. For more info on the trail CLICK HERE to read the full column.


Here are a few shots from my visit ... 

View of the new deck and original trestle structure looking east.

Panoramic View of the Martic Forge Viaduct.

360 Street View on the Martic Forge Viaduct



October Backyard Tourist

October Backyard Tourist

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OCTOBER 2016 - The view from a helicopter

In October's Column i joined the Snyder Family from Smoketown Helicopters as we went for a quick ride to see my own backyard. The Snyders have a strong passion for Lancaster County and Aviation, and they are very proud to be able to share that passion with you. 

Obviously I'm not going to give away the whole story about how awesome the Snyders are, how cool it was zooming over the countryside, and how you're supporting a veteran family owned local business when you fly with them. However, I do have a few extra photos that didn't make the cut. 

Looking southeast over Brubaker Quilts from Upper Leacock towards the Parkesburg area.

A few cracks in the clouds opened up to illuminate the runway as we made our return to the Smoketown Airport (S37)

Smoketown Helicopter's Robinson R44 II just after landing.