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Enola Low Grade Trail - Providence Township - Part I

Enola Low Grade Trail - Providence Township - Part I

The Enola Low Grade Trail was on the to-do list this weekend.  Well, at least a section of the 23 miles south of Safe Harbor. I began this section at the Fairview Road Parking Area and headed west for about 3 miles to the Hollow Road Bridge. 

Tip: There is no port-a-potty at the parking lot. However there is one about 100 yards west on the trail.

This wide panoramic view over the handlebars was captured as I headed from the parking lot towards Fairview Road. 

I initially had my heart set on making it all the way to the Rt. 272 tunnels in Smithville. The trail is basically flat with finely crushed gravel, so It's relatively easy to cover a lot of ground. Unfortunately time was working against me, especially once I reached the bridge at Hollow Road. 

 I had missed this bridge as I was doing my researching on Google Maps. So it was a delightful surprise. As soon as I pulled up I heard the clippity clop of buggies. When I stopped my bike the views were very beautiful on either side of the bridge. Which nicely fits how I describe the Enola Low Grade Trail to people:

The trail quietly and peacefully twists it’s way through the woods and countryside giving you a raw rural view of Lancaster County. At times it’s bland for miles, but when you get to the really great views they are beyond extraordinary.

This wide panoramic shot shows the Enola Low Grade Trail headed east over Hollow Road in Providence Township.

Looking North over Hollow Road. From the Enola Low Grade Trail.

There were quite a few Horse and Buggies on Hollow Road that day. As I pulled up I caught the tail end of a buggy headed North into the rolling valley. 

Within a few minutes I also captured a buggie headed South into the beautifully colored woods. There was a biker crossing the street as the buggie passed. I definitely thought his shadow casted on the road was an interesting element to the scene. The elevated perspective the bridge provided was definitely neat.

Looking South over Hollow Road. 


I have been trying to make sure I carry my 360 gear with me this Autumn. It's extra weight to grab one or two panos on a trip, but every time I get super excited to share them with you.

Hollow Road Bridge

This 360 View was captured on the Enola Low Grade Trail at Hollow Road. The bridge gives you a really nice elevated view of the rolling countryside to the North and heavily wooded area to the South. As with the pictures above a Horse and Buggy came along. I captured it on both sides of the bridge just for fun.

Fairview Drive Parking Area

Fairview Drive currently offers one of the best access points to the Enola Low Grade Trail in the Providence Township section. It's quietly tucked away in the countryside and has a decent view to the south. 

From here you're roughly 5 miles from the Smithville Tunnels, and just a 1/4 of a mile from Rt. 222 in Quarryville where the old bridge was removed. If you're looking to access the Quarryville section of the trail you're going to have to start on the other end of town for now.

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Martic Forge Viaduct

Martic Forge Viaduct

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite sections of the Enola Low Grade Trail. The massive Martic Forge Viduct is an old railroad trestle along the trail that has been renovated to carry trailhead over Pequea Creek.  

I had previously written about the Martic Forge Viaduct in my Backyard Tourist Column in Lancaster County Magazine, but I wanted get down there while there was some fall foliage left. For more info on the trail CLICK HERE to read the full column.


Here are a few shots from my visit ... 

View of the new deck and original trestle structure looking east.

Panoramic View of the Martic Forge Viaduct.

360 Street View on the Martic Forge Viaduct



4 Autumn Streetviews

4 Autumn Streetviews

I wanted to share 4 Autumn 360 photos I've captured of cool spots around Lancaster County. I can say with some certainty that these spots will still be quite gorgeous this weekend if you're looking to get out and about. The first two were captured within the last week, while the second two were from later in the season last year. The later are actually much more vibrant right now, I've seen them both this week.

Susquehannock State Park Overlook- Drumore, PA

We made our way down there last weekend. You may have seen me posting pictures all week on Facebook and Instagram. That was our first time at the park and it was really great. I look forward to going back and exploring much more of the park.

Historic Poole Forge - Narvon, PA

Historic Poole Forge is one of my favorite places to visit in Autumn. Between the covered bridge, the gorgeous foliage, and the charming brownstone buildings it is simply stunning. You can tell because there are portrait photogs everywhere hehe.

Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve - Narvon, PA

The Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve has quickly become one of my favorite places to go for a walk with little time. Being from New Holland it is the closest forested area to go for a hike. It happens to connect to the Money Rocks County Park, which is really nice. After many years of hiking at the Money Rocks it was becoming a little too familiar. It's great to have a whole new section of the mountain to explore. This pano is the Preserve's main parking lot on Gault Road. 

If you would like to know a little more about this park check out my Backyard Tourist Column from the April 2016 issue of Lancaster County Magazine.

Ephrata Township Community Park - Ephrata, PA

This is one of the kiddos favorite parks. It's also a favorite of mine due to a number of Photo opportunities that are present around the park. This 360 is the "pond" at the western edge of the park. It's actually an old quarry converted to a fishing pond. There is also a "lake" at the back of the park that is way bigger. I've uploaded some panos of that to Google Maps, be sure to check them out!

I hope this helps inspire a sense of exploration this weekend. Even if you've been to each f these places there is always something new to discover!


The Grand Lancaster Instagram page is live and alive! I started sharing featured posts selected from the #GrandLancaster tag. Wherever you explore around Central PA this weekend be sure to tag and follow us on Instagram, or post your shots to our Facebook page for your chance to be a Featured Artist. Everyone is welcome!!

360 - Poole Forge Covered Bridge

360 - Poole Forge Covered Bridge

I've been working on a little project to show off one of my favorite places. Thought I would let one or two images slip. Check out this 360 panorama of the Covered Bridge at Historic Poole Forge.

Fall Foliage Spots

Fall Foliage Spots

While the foliage was a little late to start changing, it has been absolutely beautiful this year.  The calm days have also meant a lot of the leaves have stayed in the trees longer. 

I personally expect some change this weekend. With rain, cooler temps, and wind in the forecast it's going to put a lot more leaves on the ground. It's also going to bring out some rapid color change in the remaining green.

Here are a few views we encountered over the last week.


Homestead remnants at the Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve.    

Homestead remnants at the Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve. 


Zip lining at Mast Farm Corn Maze in Morgantown, Pa. Love the valley views in this area.

Zip lining at Mast Farm Corn Maze in Morgantown, Pa. Love the valley views in this area.

Fall foliage at the Octoraro Reservoir. 

Fall foliage at the Octoraro Reservoir. 

A kayaker with a furry friend taking in the view of the foliage at Speedwell Forge Lake. 

A kayaker with a furry friend taking in the view of the foliage at Speedwell Forge Lake. 



I've started a new map to highlight some of the best foliage around the area. Be sure to save it as a favorite in Google Maps. Then you can take it with you on the go.


I'm in search of a few ambitious explorers to contribute their perspective. If you would like to help contribute to our maps, hit the button below to sign up.