It's that special time of year when the Lightning bugs (or fireflies) are coming out and looking for their mates. That's right, these little critters are flashing around the field in an attempt to attract a mate. While they're out the kids and I thought we would have some fun and take their picture. 

After the sun had set, but while the sky was still burning orange to the west the pasture came to life. Not just lightning bugs, but they're the most fun to chase around when you're a kid! Even if you're prenending to be an adult.

1274 - Lightning Bugs - Dusk Landscape

Appreciating that not everyone gets the opportunity to chase lightning bugs through a field at will I thought it would be fun to grab my Insta360 Nano. I captured some 360 video as we chased these awesome little insects around the yard, check it out ...

One of the things I keep telling people about this camera is how convenient it is to pop onto your phone and just start recording. Not only that, once you hit record you can just hold the camera in your hand and pay attention to what you're doing. I keep telling people, you gotta give it a try! Instead of staring at the screen you get to enjoy the moment AND watch it later.