There is one place I visit every summer without exception. That’s Saint Peters Village, a small 19th century “company town” that is now a popular hiking and relaxation destination. You’ll find it situated along the falls section of French Creek in a unique Chester County community that has a distinct charm all it’s own.

It’s convenient for us to simply take Route 23 from New Holland strait to Saint Peters Road in Chester County. Just after you turn up the road begins to ascend uphill on a winding narrow stretch. Suddenly a large sign welcomes you to Saint Peters Village and old buildings with wooden siding dot the sides of the road. It has the feel of a modest, but modern mining village with a deep history in the hills.

Here is the view from high above the old granite quarry. I love coming here so much during the summer that our first stop was in April this year. We actually arrived before the leafs on the trees …

Img Ref: 1649 - Skypano - Saint Peters Village

Img Ref: 1649 - Skypano - Saint Peters Village

We won’t dig too deeply into the history and such today, just consider this a brief introduction. We mostly go to hike in the woods, hop rocks down the falls of French Creek, or splash around a bit in the cool water. Hiking through the woods you can see many remnants left from the areas early mining days.

However, there are a few notable shops in the Village such as The Inn at Saint Peters Village with drinks, a bar, and some fair on their massive deck overlooking the creek flowing through the woods. There is also the Bakery, Ice Cream Shop. and the Village Arcade which features an array of antique pinball machines. As well as some local artisan shops, and of course the West Hanover Winery.

We’ll get back to Saint Peters Village some more this summer and have a lot more to share with you. If you can’t wait until then, heres a map to get you started …

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