We're still chasing fireflies. I can certainly admit that it is one of the great joys of summer for me. Since one of my other great joys is photography I've been having a blast capturing these interesting little critters.

After a few adjustments to the settings last evening I set my camera on time-lapse mode and walked away. I wanted to capture a number of images so I could stack them together, have a short time-lapse clip, and just generally be able to play around with them a bit. I enjoy experimenting with turning photos into videos in different ways. The result is the composition video and images below. Enjoy!



1300 - Fireflies and house on hillside

This next one I took a step further and edited with Topaz Impressions by Topaz Labs. It's a really cool stand-alone program and photoshop plugin that makes your photos look like paintings. Sound Interesting? Check out the link below the photo and try out the free demo!

1300 - Firelfies Impressions Version