This week we took the opportunity to visit the overlook at State Game Lands 225 in Lebanon County. These game lands are located on South Mountain in Mill Creek Township. If you've ever been to the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area you've probably seen South Mountain sitting just across Rt 897. It's barely over the Lebanon County line and easily visible from Middlecreek.

There are two parking lots along Cocalico Road that allow foot access to SGL 225. The map below will lead you to where we parked. There you will find a fairly wide, level, and clear path into the woods. 

It's an easy hike as you head westward. As you reach the western edge of SGL 225 the trail turns north towards the peak. This is were the trail get's a little physical. It's not bad, but it does become rocky as you make your way to the peak.

The peak itself is covered in rocks. When we initially got there we were a little concerned about how we would climb the rocks safely with a 5 year old. Fortunately we notice that someone(s) took the time to make a nice set of steps by carefully stacking the stones.

Someone took a great deal of time and energy to craft steps out of the rocks.

You'll notice in the pictures below that steps aren't the only thing being built. I've been told that this area is known by locals as "The Project". In addition to the steps there are at least two structures that could almost be used as little playhouses minus roofs. Definitely cool to see the time and detail that's been put into stacking these large stones. You can even make out the one structure from the satelite imagery on Google Maps.

More stacked stones on the peak of South Mountain. There are at least two little shelter like structures up there. Pretty neat.

Zoe striking a pose in one of the stacked rock walls at the peak. I'm standing on top of the other one to fit the valley view in there too. 

Overall it was a lovely hike. The hike itself is less than a mile of pretty easy hiking. While we didn't see any wildlife the area is home to deer, grey squirrels, turkey, red fox, raccoon, minks, as well as a few bird species.


Just as I was about to take my daughter's picture under this tree a Hawk flew overhead. I suppose no matter how high you climb the hawks and the heavens are still beyond reach.

The view of the Lebanon Valley from the peak of South Mountain. The peak is at the edge of State Game Lands 225. Approximate elevation 1364'

The breeze was swirling our hair as we took in the view.



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