Taking Google Street View off-road at Money Rocks County Park in Narvon, Pa.

Taking Google Street View off-road at Money Rocks County Park in Narvon, Pa.

Taking Street View Off-road

In the fall of 2015 I had an opportunity to partner with Google Maps and Discover Lancaster to take Google Street View off road here in Lancaster County. If you've seen our 360 VIEWS page  then you've already seen the Photospheres I typically capture. It's normally just one individual photosphere per location. With the Google Trekker backpack it's was a whole new ball game.

The Google Trekker is basically a scaled down version of the Street View cars you may have seen driving around. Obviously the scaled down size allows the Trekker to go places that cars simply can't. It also allows continuous capturing while you move, as opposed to my camera rig which needs to stop completely to capture each photosphere. With the Trekker we can take to step by step through some unique locations in Lancaster County.


Strasburg Railroad

Strasburg, PA


Climb aboard the Tender of the Norfolk and Western No. 475 Steam Locomotive at the Strasburg Railroad for a Autumn ride through the Countryside. No camera can fully capture the excitement of riding the historic rails in a beautifully restored Victorian era railcar. However, this is certainly a unique perspective to show the beautiful countryside stretched out along the 4.5 mile line from Strasburg to Paradise, Pa.


Ride through the Countryside

at the Station


Money Rocks Overlook Trail

Money Rocks County Park - Narvon, PA


Come take a autumn walk through Money Rocks County Park in the Welsh Mountains of eastern Lancaster County. It's a short rocky hike to the overlook from the parking lot on Narvon Road, but the view is one of the best in the area. It's one of my favorite nearby places to go for a quick hike, and it is now connected to the Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve offering even more to explore.


Chickies Rock Overlook Trail

Chickies Rock County Park - West Hempfield Township, Pa


The Overlook at Chickies Rock County Park is probably one of my favorites places to enjoy a sunset in Lancaster County. With the bend in the Susquehanna River below this view is one of a kind.


Conewago Recreation Trail

Elizabethtown, PA


The Conewago Recreation Trail is a rail trail that extends 5 miles from North Market Street in Elizabethtown to the Lebanon County line where is connects with the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail. The Lebanon Valley Rail Trail then continues on for 14.5 miles right into downtown Lebanon.