Our Stories

In time Grand Lancaster will become a collection. A collection of media that presents multiple perspectives on the people, places, things, and events that make Lancaster GRAND. These are our stories, and we cant wait to share them with you!


Seth with Camera



Our scene is set in and around the beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We aim to cover many aspects of Lancaster living from Downtown Lancaster City to the furthest fields and forests, from the baskets of hot air balloons to kayaks on the river, from the tallest overlooks to the tiniest of creatures. Sometimes we even skip town to explore the rest of the world and give our local friends some road trip ideas.

Full Moon over the Countryside


The Plot

In 2011 Seth Dochter began our plot with the website amishroadshow.com. The idea was simply to show travelers Lancaster County before they get here. Through producing content and sharing it online the idea began to take form and a crowd began to gather. With the help of social media that crowd began to grow. 

It didn't take long to realize that the crowd's tastes were as diverse as the crowd itself. It has been an amazing experience to watch the hits roll in from travelers, locals, and wanderers from all corners of the world. In 2015 the decision was made to begin transitioning towards something new, something more collaborative, and something that was more satisfying to everyone's diverse appetites. 

Chad Harnish of  visitlancasterpa.net  - Host and Organizer of the "Cold Hot Air Balloon Photography tour" with the  United State Hot Air Ballon Team

Chad Harnish of visitlancasterpa.net - Host and Organizer of the "Cold Hot Air Balloon Photography tour" with the United State Hot Air Ballon Team


Grand Lancaster seeks to accomplish the same goal as amishroadshow.com, but we want to push the idea further. We will:

  • Continue to be a great source of photos, videos, guides, news, events and other helpful information on the topic of Lancaster County

  • Continue to inspire others to get out and explore the region

  • Continue to encourage everyone to share their perspective and experiences online

  • Continue to provide high-quality photographic and creative services for local businesses

  • Continue to expand our offering of photowalks, live events, and tours

  • Continue embracing new technologies for sharing as they become available

  • Become an outlet for local artists to share their perspective

  • Become a resource for people interested in sharing their perspective

  • Begin organizing community clean-up events

  • Expand educationally focused content


The Actors

As our audience grew, meeting online turned into photowalks and other live events. We've also seen a continuous evolution in technology that effects the way we connect and communicate. We've built some strong friendships through this process, and discovered so many wonderful people who share our interest in the area. Now that smart phones are everywhere more and actors come online to share their stories and their perspectives every day. 

One of the great limitations of amishroadshow.com was that it only provided one perspective. One of the great lessons learned from that experience was that everyone's perspective is unique and special. We also learned that collaboration and bringing these unique perspectives together is a key ingredient in awesomesauce. We are very excited to be seeking local talent interested in sharing their perspective, as well as collaborating on projects.

If you are an artist, photographer, writer, poet, musician, film maker, sage, cook, foodie, educator, historian, cartoonist, technologist, or just a bloke with a story, please feel free to contact us. It will be a process to find what we're looking for, but we would love to connect with you!



Raise the Curtain

I’m not ready, but the show must go on! I know it's impossible to plan for perfection. I’ve learned lessons and taken lumps, and it will surely happen again. I've also seen the great things that happen when positive people are driven by passion. I’ve also seen passion muddied by money, and there are lesson to learn there as we continue to push forward.  

I love exploring this beautiful planet. Discovery is limitless even right here in our backyard. Hopefully you'll join us on this adventure for years to come. Seven years in, and no end in sight, just changes.



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