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Welcome to our 360 VIEWS hub! This is where you will find a collection of 360 panoramic photos and tours from our adventures around Lancaster County and beyond. I have been fascinated with the possibilities 360 photography has to offer ever since discovering a piece on Times.com called "On Top of the World". The piece is about a very special gigapano captured at the top of the spire on the new 1 World Trade Center in New York City. As I sat at my computer looking across the expansive New York cityscape it instantly struck me that this technology was something magical.


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Streetview: Trusted

After that discover I immediately began investigating how 360 photos were created, as well as the legends behind Google Streetview. Within a few months I was selected to join the Google Trusted Independent Photographer program which gave me the opportunity to learn 360 Photography while capturing local businesses and putting them on Google Maps.


Conestoga River Pano
360 Camera Rig, Sigma 8mm, Turkey Hill Overlook
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While Streetviews is a great way for local businesses to reach new customers, I've had my mind set on something less street and more off-road all along. Initially I thought 360 Photography would be a great tool to virtually transport the imaginations of children and persons living with a disability to some of our favorite spots that may otherwise be inaccessible. Which made me think not only of places that are inaccessible, but what about the places that may not exist in a few years. Since then I have captured and collected hundreds of 360 panos from around the area. I hope you enjoy them!!


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Enola Low Grade Trail (ELGT) - Manor Township

This viewing platform is the first of a few along Manor Township's section of the ELGT. The entire ELGT spans nearly thirty miles to Atglen, PA. Currently this five mile section is isolated from the rest of the trail by a dilapidated mile long bridge over the Conestoga River at Safe Harbor.



The Pinnacle Overlook in Holtwood, PA is without a doubt one of the best Sunset overlooks in the county. Even in winter!

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Featured: Lancaster Archery Supply

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In the summer of 2016 Facebook began supporting 360 Photos in Timeline. While we are still very happy to add our 360 Views to Google Maps, this gives us the opportunity to share our views directly on Facebook.

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