I began 360 photography back in 2013 and have heard the same question over and over, "how did you do that?" Until recently, it wasn't exactly easy. Creating 360 photos required expensive equipment, expensive software, and a massive amount of patience as you trial and error your way through almost every photo. When 360 video hit the scene things became even more complicated!

Nowadays it's a completely different story. Yes, the high-end VR experiences being produced still require an insane degree of equipment and know-how. However, the consumer level market is opening up with a slew of new 360 products every week. I've tested a few and I have one particular company I've been telling everyone about! 

Insta360 Nano for iPhone 6 and later. Android users see Insta360 Air! 

Insta360 Nano for iPhone 6 and later. Android users see Insta360 Air! 

Currently, I have three reputable 360 cameras on my desk. Two of them stopped working after only a month of use. While each of them have different strengths and weaknesses one sets itself apart. That would of course be the Insta360 Nano.

I found out about Insta360 after I had already dropped over a thousand dollars on the other two cameras. I found a video on Instagram that had been edited with Insta360's desktop editor Insta360 Studio. Seeing that tiny planet spinning on screen fired up my creative senses.

I began using their studio app to manipulate the photos and videos I captured with other cameras, but I knew right away I liked their style. I wanted the Insta360 Nano in my pocket so I could capture 360s instantly while on the go. 

Just check out the video below. After opening the camera I gave it a full charge, popped in a microSD,  and took it everywhere I went that weekend. Insta360 had just launched their stabilization feature, so I made sure to get active and push it. The video features some of the clips from that first full charge ...


Everything easier ...

I wanted my first video with the Insta360 Nano to be a little raw. No filters, no edits, no retakes ... just a full charge and a 360 camera in the pocket! In case you're wondering, the Insta360 cameras work best with their companion apps for iPhone and Android, however they also work independently. With that first footage I wanted to show just how convenient this camera is for everyone regardless of your level of experience. 


Composing a 360 photo or video is a little different than conventional cameras. It's not harder per se, it simply requires a broader perspective on EVERYTHING going on around you. The Insta360 Nano boasts some of the most advanced image stabilization in the industry when used with your smartphone! This is 2017's major advancement in bringing 360 to everyone, especially for everyone on the GO! Stabilization is critical in 360 content and we were previously limited to using a stationary monopod, or spending thousands of dollars on computers and software to solve the problem (roughly a $3,000 minimum investment, not including cameras)




Everything Everywhere

With my other 360 cameras I had to be much more specific with what I intended to capture. It involved much much more planning, execution, post-processing, re-shooting. The mere hassle of setting up the cameras was a complete turn off in day-to-day moments! However, the Nano is so small and so easy to use I literally carry it everywhere! Insta360 has taken us from a bundle of burdensome gear to a powerful 360 camera that fits in the pocket of the skiniest of skinny jeans.

I put it like this ...

I never anticipated just how much I would carry this thing around. It’s so amazingly convenient. Not only that, you just hit record and enjoy the moment. That’s a big shift from having to experience moments through a screen just so everything is in frame and you can watch it later. Then there was sticking a camera on your forehead and hoping for the best. A lot of footage gets wasted that way, unless you cover yourself with cameras. The Nano allows you to live the moment AND watch all of it later, livestream it, or share it instantly!!

The team over at Insta360 has a skill for putting all that power into a convenient and streamlined package. It doesn’t stop there either because Insta360’s engineers and executives are active in their Facebook Users Group to maintain a direct connection with the community. I can honestly tell you I am very excited to be a part of what they’re doing
— Seth Dochter - "Technology in Marketing" May 2017

Are YOU ready for #lifeallin?

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